A TACFIT Commando Program Review

TACFIT Commando is a bodyweight-only training program that delivers cutting-edge workout methods employed by some of the most dangerous and heroic individuals on the planet, including the likes of bodyguards, SEALs, MMA fighters, Special Ops personnel and counter terrorists. The system is authored by an accomplished, championship-level fighter who’s spent years mastering these unique training methods and now shares his wisdom by teaching the previously mentioned warriors how to prepare for any scenario they may encounter in their day to day professions.

With undeniable credibility behind the creation of this workout system, it’s no surprise that I was blown away with this training program.

TACFIT Commando is taught in a special ops theme that is unwavering throughout. For this reason, it’s a one of a kind program that’s highly engaging and provides added motivation as your strive to accomplish your “missions.”

Overview of TACFIT Commando system:

Bodyweight-only training program that allows you to train anywhere, anytime and without needing any fitness equipment.

TACFIT Commando workouts take just 20 minutes and focus on intense, functional exercises that not only build a lean, ripped body, but allow you to perform like an undercover spy.

Weekly workouts include demanding fat-melting bodyweight circuits, active recovery and injury prevention sessions, motor skill development work that allows you to better cope with stressful situations and much more.

The TACFIT Commando program includes:

-Easy to read, comprehensive mission-ready training manual

-Mission calendar that makes organizing, following and tracking your TACFIT Commando workouts a cinch

-Video tutorials of each and every exercise to ensure proper form and technique is used during all workouts

-Recovery techniques video series that includes joint mobility routines and Prasara yoga techniques for unparalleled warm-up, cool-down, recovery and injury prevention

In addition to everything above, the TACFIT Commando Deluxe Edition includes:

-Plug and play, follow-along mission simulation videos that allow you to workout alongside one of the industry’s top and most specialized trainers

-Breathing and recovery secrets utilized by the special ops

-Commando diet plan that synergistically enhances results seen from the training program

-Warrior recipes eBook with endless hard-body-worthy meal and snack ideas

As you can see, the TACFIT program is extremely comprehensive and it was apparent in my review that team TACFIT was very diligent and tactful (no pun intended) when it came to product creation.

All in all, TACFIT Commando is a rock solid training program that is ideal for anyone looking to enhance both their physique and their ability to perform. If you’ve ever wanted to have the ripped body of an MMA fighter or the smoothness of James Bond character, the TACFIT bodyweight training movement can and will deliver.

If, however, you’re opposed to short bouts of hard work and if you’d rather have beach muscles with no ability to protect yourself in a dangerous situation, this bodyweight-only training system is probably not your cup of tea.

For an even more in-depth review of the TACFIT workout program, plus a special bonus offer, feel free to visit my TopFatLossTrainer blog using the links below.

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