Fat Freezing and Other Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

If you are obese and trying to get rid of the extra layers of fat in your body, you are on the right page. There are many non-surgical treatments that can help you get rid of the deposits of additional fat. These treatments target specific areas of fat and destroy it. In this article, we are going to find out if fat freezing and non-surgical body sculpting can help you lose weight. Read on to find out more.

These procedures freeze fat cells or use heat from radiofrequency for ultrasound energy. These techniques target specific areas of your body, such as the upper arms, thighs, love handles and abdomen for reshaping.

Now the question is, if the treatments are safe, make permanent changes, or provide quick results. Let us answer some of the common questions related to this approach.

Is Body Sculpting Safe?

First of all, the good news is that these treatments are minimally invasive and have almost no side effects. As a matter of fact, there is no downtime in case of some treatments. However, you may want to consider your health history and consult your medical practitioner to choose the best treatment for you.

If your body mass index is between 18.5 and 24.9, you can enjoy the best results using these body contouring devices. Moreover, this approach can help you destroy your fat cells on a permanent basis.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting vs Liposuction

Partly, it is dependent on the area of your body that you want to treat. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, if you want to treat a large area of your body, you may want to go for liposuction. Moreover, non-surgical treatments have a less dramatic change.

Unlike a surgical procedure, you may enjoy different results from a non-surgical technique. In fact, with liposuction, you can destroy 10 times more fat compared to noninvasive treatments, such as body sculpting.

What can you Expect once the Treatment is Done?

You can use these statements in order to destroy fat in specific areas of your body. Given below are some general facts about these treatments.

You don’t need to use anesthesia, and there is no downtime

The procedure may take up to 60 minutes to complete

Based on the desired treatment and area of focus, you may need up to four sessions in total.

Your body may need up to 16 weeks to process and get rid of the fat.

These statements may not cause a lot of pain

After the treatment, you may experience some tenderness, swelling, and redness in the treated area. These symptoms will go away after a few days.

The Takeaway

If you want to go for a non-invasive procedure to get rid of fat, we suggest that you do your homework and go with a trained practitioner. Make sure you consider the track record of the physician and book an initial appointment to ask some important questions that you may have. The treatments are quite safe and effective as long as a trained physician performs them.

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