How to Bulk Up Without Getting Fat

Bodybuilding requires a huge commitment and a lot of dedication but with the right knowledge and some hard work you can put on the size and muscle that you want. The following will help you on how to bulk up.

First of all, as said earlier, you have to be really committed and have the initiative of getting to your goal. Engaging yourself to follow through a weight program will require a good deal of commitment. You have to restrain yourself from eating foods that might do bulk you up but will give you fats instead of muscles. You have to eat certain foods to get the right amount of nutrient mix. Bulking up will also requires you to possess a heap of patience and focus that will give you a laser guided path that will lead you to your purpose.

Second, change your diet. Focus on eating the protein group more than any other group. Your main mind set should be to fuel the muscle with protein that also helps repair and rebuild your muscle. Get extra vitamins for muscle growth by eating fruits and vegetables. Water is one of the great ingredients to pump those muscles up. Avoid drinking soft drinks and any other sugary stuff and start drinking water instead. A lot of it.

You should also get enough calories to fuel your body but not too much. Too much will result in body fat. Carbohydrates are good source of energy. Be sure to get this two in to your system before working out.

Third, do mass building exercise. Dips are one of the best all-around chest and triceps mass building exercises, and it’s simple to do. It is a push-type exercise which works a large number of muscles in your chest, shoulders, and arms all at the same time.

Another mass building exercise is the Wide Grip Pull-Up. This exercise will help you on how to bulk up your back. It may be difficult for beginners but it is very effective.

Before doing any exercise, be sure to always stretch before you workout, between sets and after your workout. Stretching does not only help you avoid being injured but it also helps rebuild the muscles and grows them bigger.

Lastly, rest well. Lifting weights make your muscle fiber stretch and tear. These fibers then heal back together stronger and larger than before. Resting gives your muscle enough time to heal back together and therefore helps you to bulk up. This will also let your body focus on using your protein in repairing the muscle damage.

In addition, you may also want to have a written plan of how to bulk up in order for you to monitor if you are indeed doing the right things.

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