How to Resurrect Your Old Treadmill and Explode Your Fitness Potential

First off, many who have a home treadmill don’t have a typical home gym set up. Instead the treadmill usually resides in the basement next to the water heater or in the bed room next to a pile of laundry.
Like any other type of work, exercising on a treadmill requires a supportive environment where you feel good and full of energy. Without a full gym set up, it’s easy to let the treadmill become just another piece of clutter rather than a focal point of the room. So pack up, pick up and clear out any clutter and make the treadmill a primary focus to the environment.

It’s not the den, or the kid’s room, but instead it’s now the treadmill room.

The next step is to simply get on a regular schedule. Part of the lure of home exercise is the notion that you can workout at any time without having to conform to a gym schedule. While this is certainly a plus, a workout that can be done at any time usually doesn’t get done at all.

So schedule your treadmill time just like any other important activity and defend that time like the essential activity it is. Don’t fall for the “I can just workout later in the day” temptation that home gyms present. Even if you do get to the exercise later chances are you will feel more rushed, more tired and less motivated after having to “make up” for your missed time.

The final step is to make sure your mind can be occupied while you use your treadmill. After all, walking in place on even the worlds best treadmill can be a rather boring experience. The best way to solve this issue is not so much to distract the mind but rather stimulate it.

I know a lot of people like to watch TV while on the treadmill but I find this can be a poor mental Band-Aid if you end up just flipping channels and watching programming that you normally wouldn’t watch.

I recommend scheduling your treadmill time during when you would normally watch TV so you spend less time sitting, and you can still catch your favorite shows. I’m also a big fan of pod casts because they always give you something new to look forward to plus you can learn some really great stuff as you stride along.


You can also find custom pod cast and I-phone treadmill workout programs that can motivate and guide you with workouts that are more than just a steady pace.

Little things like an air circulating fan and a water bottle can help keep your energy up so the exercise doesn’t feel so harsh. Plus it’s a good idea to use some traditional exercise clothing rather than street wear to stay cool and comfortable.

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