Mud Walking is an Exercise Designed For Active People

Remember when you were a kid and playing in the mud and water was fun! Some adults still consider it fun and they run and walk in the mud. You need to be very careful in selecting what kind of surfaces to experience mud walking. It can be dangerous if climbing a hill is covered with mud because you can slip and injure yourself. 

There are two ways of experiencing mud walking. The first one is putting on really stable shoes; find a muddy pathway and doing your best to walk without falling on the slippery mud. The second way is covering your body with moor mud and walking outside until the mud hardens. 

In some parts of the nation, people cover their bodies with mud from head to toe and walk nude through the country while the mud dries. What’s that about? When you go to a spa you will pay big bucks for a “moor mud wrap”. Then you lay on a flat table until the mud dries. Same premise except some people cover their bodies with the mud and get up and walk in God’s nature until the mud dries. Most of us are too shy to walk nude and in most locations it is illegal – so, I’m not recommending that. However, I would love to cover certain parts of my body with mud and walk on a flat surface just to experience the mud drying and walking experience. You might think of making some mud and rub it on your face (not your eyes), arms, and neck and if you are in shorts your legs and take a walk just to experience mud walking. If you can get some “moor” mud from a spa that would be best to use.

Taking the mud off our body should be done carefully. Some people scrape off the mud that comes off easily. Then jump in the shower and wash clean. You do not want very much mud down your shower drain so do the best you can to get as much mud off before you shower. 

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