Renewable Energy and The Health of Body, Home and Earth

More and more of us are today realising that our choices as human beings reflect dramatically on the safety, health and well-being of each essential element of life – our body, our home and our planet. All these three, in fact – body, home and earth – have since the beginning of mankind been regarded as one or, at least, inextricably bound to each other. Energy is the vital element of all three, the ‘fuel’ that alone is able to keep things going.

As far as our body is concerned energy has become practically synonymous with health, as more and more diets, fitness programs and workouts are created and promoted to increase our physical energy. Yet it is also the quality of this energy that we are learning to appreciate (to give a rather banal example, caffeine could be likened to a non renewable energy source, vegetables to renewable energy).

At the same time, energy is currently the topic of constant discussion and increasing concern as the so-called Energy Crisis threatens both our homes and our planet. The non renewable energy from fossil fuels that modern society is still heavily dependent on is increasingly unreliable as resources begin to dwindle and, consequently, also increasingly costly. We find ourselves, then, ‘forced’ to turn to renewable energy if we want to survive.

If we concentrate on improving one of these areas, it follows that we should eventually find that the others are automatically being pulled along in the same direction. The more health-conscious we are with regard to nourishing, caring for and exercising our body, for example, the greater importance we tend to give to the environment in which we live, sleep, eat, shelter, raise our children, entertain our friends, etc.

Likewise, living in a pleasant, natural and welcoming home, free from dirt, chemicals, electrostatic, noise (as far as possible, that is!), etc. in turn inspires us to care for our body – get more fresh air, take more exercise, eat healthier food, etc.

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