Swimming Pool Pump Installation Basics

A pool pump plays a crucial role in the maintenance of your swimming pool. Therefore, it is essential to install one that is of good quality. It is advisable to keep in mind that installation requires a great deal of independent decision making because your setup needs to meet the manufacturer’s requirements in order to work efficiently. Pool pumps must be supported with a good quality motor and filter basket. This will vary greatly from pool to pool. Above ground pumps and in ground pumps have their respective sets of requirements for motors and other components.

These pumps are available in different sizes for pool and spa. Apart from different sizes of these pumps, there are also different types for above ground and in ground pools. The above ground model has a large filter basket for dust collection and requires little maintenance. It has a strong, high capacity motor with thermal overload protector. An in ground model has high flow action for fast filtering cycles.

Qualities of above ground pumps are:

1. Large stainer basket for debris collection.

2. High and strong performance motors.

3. Automatic thermal overload protectors.

4. Low maintenance.

A common problem associated with the above ground pool pump is the application of incorrect water pumps, filter equipment and purifiers. Thus, it is advisable to install pumps which have the capacity to clean your specific swimming pool. Above ground models require quality pumps, liners, and an approved digging technique.

Pool Covers

Cover pumps are an essential part of any installation. Whether it is summer, winter or rainy weather, they keep away the debris and unwanted material out of the water. Pool cover pumps help in keeping water clean. These pumps are generally heavy especially those which are designed with focus on safety. Large pool cover pumps are a top priority for people as they ease the process of raveling and unraveling.

Motor Requirements

Pool pump motors are necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. The swimming pool motor circulates water and throws the debris behind. Its proper function depends upon its capacity to circulate water with speed. This in turn depends heavily on the capacity of the motor. There are four things which must be taken into consideration before selecting a motor. These include: frame size, speed, voltage and horse power.

With this information, you have a grasp of the important points to consider when installing a swimming pool pump. Now you can go ahead and check out what suits your pool and your requirements best.

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