The Benefits Of Walk In Bath Tubs

A new and safer concept in personal bathing is here. The new walk in bath tubs are specially designed to allow the user to enter without having to climb in. They are fitted with a built in seat and watertight doors. Entry is gained through a doorway that is only a few inches from ground level. Because of the size they can be utilized in a smaller enclosure or possibly in an extra bathroom.

The special safety features incorporated into the design of walk in bath tubs make them a favorite for installation into healthcare premises and residential care homes. A huge range of bathtub accessories are available for these compact hot bathtubs. Depending on the budget of the individual, certain enhancements can be included into walk in bath tubs. These can include therapeutic jets which can have a soothing massage effect. Shower heads can also be fitted.

This type of bath is becoming more popular and can be purchased in a variety of colors. There is also a choice of shapes to choose from. This is ideal if the room where the bath is to be fitted is small or an unusual shape as the footprint is smaller than that of a standard bath.

Although primarily suited to the elderly, infirm or disabled they are also a good choice for able bodied users. Raised seats are sometimes fitted to make it easier to get in and out. The fitting of safety rails are often built in to the design which allows the safe transfer of users from wheelchairs and walking frames. Slider boards can also be used to transfer from a wheelchair to the seat of the bath.

Bathing is often taken for granted by able bodied persons but can often be a daunting experience for people with limited mobility, the elderly and disabled. With walk in bath tubs the user can sit at a normal height and does not have to raise their body from the floor level that is associated with a standard bath.

One thing that seems to be the subject of some debate is the design of the watertight doors. These tubs are supplied with doors that can either open inwards and outwards. It seems that the outward swinging type are more expensive to produce than the inward design, as extra features may be needed to provide a water tight seal.

The inward swinging type provides a water tight seal when the bath is full as the water pressure forces the doors closed tight. This design means that it would not be possible to open the door by accident while there is still water in the tub. This would not be the case with the outward opening design as water pressure would not play a part in the operation of the door. The fitting of a mechanism to the outward door would produce a tighter seal.

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