What is Leptopril? A Weight Loss Pill

Leptopril is a fat burning diet pill that was created specifically for those people considered significantly overweight or obese, meaning those who have a Body Mass Index that’s higher than 27 and/or have the need to lose at least 20 pounds.

One of the main ways that Leptopril functions is by reducing a person’s blood sugar after each meal is eaten. This in turn is believed to trigger the body’s use of existing fat stores to supply the missing and needed energy.

Leptopril’s main active ingredient is L-Tyrosine which is one of the body’s 20 amino acids used in the absorption of dietary proteins. This serves to enable a person to eat fewer amounts of food in order receive its adequate daily supply of protein. L-Tyrosine is also fundamental in Thyroid function, which in turn is responsible for regulating the metabolism.

Leptopril also contains a proprietary blend of many herbs and natural ingredients reportedly beneficial in burning fat, boosting the metabolism, increasing energy, and other weight loss properties. Among those are aspirin, green tea, damiana, guarana, kola nut, ma huang, tumeric, and yerba mate.

Leptopril also supplies the body with extra calcium, copper, and niacin.

Several of the ingredients in Leptopril contain caffeine, which benefits weight loss by boosting the metabolism and providing an extra boost of energy where decreased food intake might otherwise deplete energy levels.

You can find Leptopril sold in a brand name form (as Leptoprin-SD) for twice the cost of generic Leptopril, though the formulas and effects are basically identical.

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