What Is the Difference Between a Walk in Shower and a Walk in Shower Enclosure?

There are so many ways of expressing the same thing these days and walk in showers isn’t exempt from this. It beats me why anyone would be expected to know that a walk in shower is the same thing as a walk in shower enclosure as one term infers that it is some kind of casing and one term infers that it is an actual shower. However, they do both describe the same product; a walk in shower is the exact same product as a walk in shower enclosure. You may also come across additional terms such as walk in shower cubicles and walk in shower cabinets. They’re all the same. Life used to be so simple years ago; there was one term to describe one product. Ah, the good old days.

So, what is a walk in shower enclosure?

A walk in shower enclosure is a glass paneled cabinet which houses your shower. This is quite a strict definition as there are many variations depending on the needs and requirements of your bathroom. For example if the shower was to be set within the recess of the bathroom then only a single panel of glass would be needed. The glass used is normally toughened, this is attached to a bracing bar for additional support and at the other end fixed to a shower tray which collects and drains the waste.

What are the benefits of a walk in shower?

If you are lucky enough to have the space within your bathroom, then why not use it. As it is a stand alone unit, it allows for more than one person to use the bathroom at a time.

You can splash about to your heart’s content and not worry about spillage.

They are available in many sizes and styles so can fit in with your bathroom design and personal needs.

Let’s admit it, as well as being functional, they add a touch of style and glamour to a bathroom.

When a walk in shower might not be suitable for you

After having sung the praises of walk in shower enclosures, there are, however, instances when they may not be suitable for you.

As mentioned previously, the glass panels of a walk in shower enclosure are attached to a shower tray. Shower trays are slightly raised in height, some more than others, so if you are a person with restricted movement then it may be worth considering creating a wet room effect within your bathroom.

In this instance, the glass panels of the enclosure are fitted to the floor of the bathroom which, incidentally, would be tiled. By doing this, the need for a shower tray is removed and easier shower access is granted.

All in all, a walk in shower enclosure is a good investment for any bathroom as it adds value, is very practical and can be adapted to suit the needs of most home owners.

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