Advantages Of Custom Walk In Bathtubs

Upon visiting the local store in your area, you chance on seeing one of those walk in bathtubs that they have for sale. However, you can’t help but think that you can add a few more things that would make it even better. That is where custom walk in bathtubs enter the picture.

Custom built tubs is always an option for people who want added features, parts and even accessories on their walk in tubs. These added options can help them boost the performance of their custom built tubs and make their bathing experience more comfortable.

Added features that can be placed on your custom walk in bathtubs

1. Filler Valves

2. Shock and Scald Protection

3. Additional Shower System

4. Bubble Massage

5. Drainage

Filler valves are important for custom walk in bathtubs. When you enter a walk in bath tub that is the only time when you can fill it with water. Filling it up may take some time and may leave you impatient from time to time. However, this problem can easily be solved if you buy a filler valve that is able to fill the tub with water in just a minute or two.

Shock and Scald protection is important. Adding hot or cold water in the bath can and will give you injuries if you are not careful. If the water is too cold it could lower your body temperature before the bath is filled. If it’s too hot, your body can get burned and it may lead to injuries. Having this feature installed on your Custom walk in bathtubs will limit the risk of these injuries from happening.

For some people, soaking in a bathtub does not make them feel refreshed. Some prefer to clean their bodies with flowing water which can be applied via an additional shower system. This option can easily be added in your custom walk in bathtubs if you talk to your manufacturer.

A bubble massage can relieve you of the body pains that you experience each and everyday. By blowing up hot air bubbles on your body, it can help your blood to properly circulate around your body. There are also claims that such health benefits are very important for the elderly, especially those that are 60 years old and above.

Filling up your bathtub with water is one thing, draining it out is another. In case you are not familiar on how custom walk in bathtubs work, you cannot leave the tub, until you drain the water out. A good drainage system will not only save you a lot of trouble. It will also help you leave the tub a lot sooner.

All of these features and more can be easily added to your custom walk in bathtubs. Only bear in mind that the more features you add, the more costly it will get.

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