Try This Great Leg Exercise That Is An Overall Body Exercise

Most experts would agree that squats are one of the best leg exercises that is also an overall body exercise. It is important to know and understand that overall body exercises are the best type of exercises to burn fat and calories. They should be the basis or foundation for your exercise program.

Back squats using weights are good exercise. Many times you will not have access to weights and other equipments to perform back squats. Also, you will need to develop your squatting skills to be able to maximize your lifts. You may need to have a trained spotter to ensure that you do not get hurt or injured when you are performing back squats.

Personally, I prefer squatting movements that can be performed anywhere and anytime. You will not need weights. This is why I love lunges and other bodyweight movements. They can be done anywhere at anytime. You will get a great workout. When you add other simple movements such as presses, twists, jumps, etc to the lunge, you will make a compound exercise movement that is effective and efficient for your overall body exercise.

As a change of pace to those compound movements, you can add elastic bands or any other objects such as exercise ball or even a light dumb bell to your squatting movement. One great exercise that I learned through some bodyweight coaches is the goblet squat (using a resistant band or exercise ball). It is a simple but effective movement in a full body exercise movement.

Here is how to do a goblet squat (using a resistant band):

* Get a resistant band and strap them to your feet and hold it with your hands in front of you. You want the resistant band (or some may call them elastic band) in the inside of your legs.
* Make sure there is enough tension to provide some tension when you do the squat movement.
* Now, with your legs firmly planted and just like doing regular squat, you will rapidly go up and down in the squat movement.
* You want to keep your back erect with a slight arch in the lower back.
* You want to keep your knees over your feet throughout the goblet squat.
* As you rapidly (but steadily) go up and down, you will exhale as you go up and inhale as you go down. Focus on the exhale (as you will naturally inhale).
* You can try this goblet squat for about 30 to 40 seconds.
* Instead of a resistant band, you can also use light dumb bells or an exercise ball. But, I prefer a resistant band when doing the goblet squat.

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