Advantages of Hydrotherapy in Walk-In Bathtubs

For those affected with mobility concerns, getting in and out of a standard bathtub can range from being a scary experience to being completely impossible. The elderly and those who are injured or disabled are especially vulnerable to the prospect of serious slip and fall injuries. Fortunately, walk-in bathtubs provide an excellent solution to this problem, and many of these specialized tubs include the added benefit of hydrotherapy jets to soothe aches and pains.

Walk-in bathtubs have been designed to minimize the risk of injury associated with taking a bath, while making it easy for those with limited mobility to enjoy a nice soak without assistance from others. These convenient baths typically feature a door in the side of the tub to provide a low threshold for easy entry, a comfortable chair-height seat inside the bath, and grab bars and anti-slip surfaces for maximum safety. There are now hundreds of different shapes and sizes of walk-in tubs available to fit many different spaces and needs of individuals. Many of these baths have additional options such as hydrotherapy jets that can be included.

Once the bather is safely inside and positioned comfortably on the built-in contoured seat, the door is closed. Then, the tub is quickly filled with water as high as three feet from the floor. This higher profile of these bathtubs allows for the water level to span up to a person’s shoulders for increased exposure to the hydrotherapeutic benefits of a warm bath. A hand-held showerhead which can also be wall mounted at adjustable heights provides further bathing or showering options for maximum convenience while in either a seated or standing position.

Hydrotherapy jets can be installed in many walk-in tubs. This whirlpool bath option provides gentle, soothing massage throughout the body while temperature-controlled settings ensure warm comfort without risk of scalding. A relaxing whirlpool soak comes with many physical and psychological health benefits, serving to relax tired and aching muscles, improve mobility and range of motion and relieve arthritis and other chronic pain while easing body pressure on the joints during the soak. It can even increase blood circulation, decrease blood pressure and help respiration. Hydrotherapy can ease mental stress, tension, anxiety and depression as well as promote better sleep.

For the elderly or disabled, physician consultation prior to using whirlpool baths is recommended. After physician approval, a professional installer can answer questions and help individuals select the best options and features for their needs, as well as review and measure the area in which the tub is to be placed. Once this consultation is complete, a walk-in hydrotherapy bathtub can be easily and efficiently installed.

A walk-in tub is not only therapeutic, but also provides the dignity of being able to bathe oneself safely without assistance in a manner that is less clumsy and more comfortable than a standard bathtub or shower. Special features enhance the bather’s safety, while optional hydrotherapy whirlpool baths are available to ensure both maximum enjoyment and maximum health benefits from soaking are possible. With so many different types of walk-in bathtubs available, there’s sure to be one that can meet just about anyone’s needs.

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