Five Cross Dressing Tips For Feminizing Your Walk

In order to maximise your chances of passing as a woman, it’s important for you to spend some time perfecting your walk. As we all know, men walk in a different way to women. They tend to lean forward a little and walk stiffly using their shoulders, in a fairly aggressive manner. Women, on the other hand, move with grace and confidence. Using their hips to maneuver, they take small steps. By following five simple guidelines, you too can feminize your walk to complement your female persona.

  1. Shoulders
  2. You need to get out of the habit of keeping your shoulders hunched forward and navigating with your upper body. Women don’t move their shoulders when they walk. If you try taking a few steps with your shoulders pulled back, you’ll find that this immediately forces your hips to work.

  3. Loosen Up
  4. Women tend to have looser bodies than men, allowing them to swing their arms freely at their sides. They also have more flexibility at the elbows. Typically, arms are held above the waistline, especially when carrying a bag. The strap of a shoulder bag is often clutched delicately, just below the shoulder. A bag can also be hung below the elbow, with the arm above the waist. The other arm is allowed to swing freely. You may notice that women generally walk with their elbows tucked in, and often have a spring their step.

  5. Where to Look
  6. Try not to look down all of the time as this is unnatural and gives the impression that something is wrong. Even though you may not be feeling confident, eye contact is important and also helps you gauge how people are reading you. And don’t forget to smile. Women tend to smile with their lips together or with just part of their teeth showing. The sides of the mouth are usually upturned, giving a warm smile. A big, cheesy grin is best avoided.

  7. Use Your Hips
  8. Women naturally have a lower center of gravity, causing them to use their hips to walk. Try it by placing one foot in front of the other and swinging the hips freely. Remember to keep your shoulders back and loosen your arms. You may find it a little tricky at first, but will soon get the hand of it with a little practice.

  9. Your Stride
  10. As men have longer legs than women, they take bigger steps. To feminize your walk, try taking smaller steps and walking much more slowly than you normally would. You should also try to keep your knees close together. Walking in heels or a tight skirt can often help you perfect this, as it forces you to take small, delicate steps.

Taking note of these points will help feminize your walk and improve your feminine appearance. Just remember to always stand tall and be confident.

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