Best Bodybuilding Back Workout For Lat Width

If you are looking for a bodybuilding back workout to increase the width of your back, this is the perfect article for you. I will discuss the best bodybuilding back workouts for gaining width to your Lat muscles including the exercises of bent barbell row, one arm dumbbell rows, and pulley cable wide grip row.

Bent Barbell Row: As you may already know it is best to perform compound exercises in the beginning of your training sessions of course after you have fully and completely warmed up. Your grip will vary depending on what part of the lat muscle you wish to target and work the most. Over hand grip will concentrate more on the upper lats and middle back while under hand grip emphasizes the lower lats. To obtain overall development of your back, I suggest you vary your grips often if not week to week.

One Arm Barbell Row: These are one of my favorite workouts for adding width to my back. The reason being is because this movement allows for a complete stretch at the bottom and contraction at the top with mainly only the lat muscle doing all the work. Since this is more of an isolation movement of the lats, try to focus on all three parts of each repetition (eccentric, concentric, and isocentric).

Pulley Cable Wide Grip: For these I like to use the lat pull down bar and take a little wider than shoulder width grip. This will ensure I am focusing on the lats and less on the middle portion of the back.

This is a sample bodybuilding back workout that will help you add some with to your lats.

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