Smart Tips to Fix a Jammed Stapler

If you work a lot with stapler for your stapling needs, you will find that there are some problems that you might face. The causes of the problems can vary. This can be caused by the rough use that is slamming it on one side with palm hand instead of pressing the both sides gently.

However, there are some things that you can do to fix the problems. You will find that the steps are easy to do. But, if the cannot be fixed, it is better for you to buy the new one. The followings are smart tips to fix your stapler.

First, you should look at the stainless steel part of the device and grasp using your hand. Then, you should hold the acrylic/plastic top with another hand. After that, you should pull them apart so that you can see the inside part of the stapler.

Second, you should remove the staples temporarily. You can grab them from the head of the device. This is because you will need to replace staples that you have removed if you have finished fixing the device.

Next, you should find the tweezers. These tweezers are used to pull the staples from the front of the stapler. Make sure that you pull as many as possible. This is done in order to reach the very first staple at the front of the stapler. This is because the staple might be lodged in. If you can get it although you use the tweezers, you should use a small flathead screwdriver and insert it inside. With this way, you might be able to push the jammed staple in your stapler up and out. Thus, the bottom of the stapler head will be free from the jammed staple.

If your stapler is a heavy-duty stapler, you will find that the staples are more difficult to remove when the staples are lodged into the head of the device. This is because the staples are longer than the common staples. To do this, you should use a pair of needle-nosed pliers. You will use the pliers to pull out the jammed staples.

But, sometimes people do the worst way that is to drop the device on a solid surface for several times in order to loosen up the staples inside. You should not do this way since this lead the device to jam more often. You should make sure that you do the correct things so that you can have long-lasting stapler.

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