Body By Jake Tower 200 Review

So you are looking for a review on the Tower 200 from Body By Jake? Well let me start with the equipment, it takes just five minutes from the time you open the box to have it fully installed on your door and ready for action.

There is four pulleys, two of them you have to pull down the other two you pull up. There is three resistance settings which are light, medium and heavy. The resistance when set to heavy is more than enough for someone who is strong and fit. You can attach the pulley to one cable or all three for more resistance.

The machine itself is very smooth and the cables move very well. You also have access to the cables from the bottom so you can do your biceps, pull backs and tons of other exercises. From my own personal experience, you definitely can do a full body workout on the Tower 200.

If you also have access to things like weights, kettle bells and the ball you can incorporate these to your workout too. If you ask me, it is a great workout tool to have in your home when you consider the price and all the exercises you can do on it.

The only thing that I would suggest that they build into the next version is a rack that comes half way so that you will be able to attach the pulleys at that level and allow you to do exercises at that height, where you pull straight out and not up or down.

The illustrated workout book that comes with the equipment is great it shows you a lot of exercises, the DVD can be a little annoying because the guy keeps screaming and going a little bit nuts while you are watching and trying to follow the routine.

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