Your Brilliant Star Direction

The Brilliant Star direction is considered lucky for you personally. If you enter your house through this direction or sleep with your head pointing to this direction, then you can be especially creative and successful at what you do. I have included each person’s Brilliant Star Direction based on their Chinese Zodiac sign. The Brilliant Star Direction is a precise direction with only a 15 degree range, not the 45 degree range that is included in one of the 8 basic directions.

Example: The lucky Brilliant Star Direction for a Tiger person is not the entire 45 degree range of northeast. It is the 15 degree increment of northeast that is very close to East, referred to as East/Northeast.

A special note relevant to this article being submitted in April of 2010: at this point in time, it has come to my attention–and others posting on the internet–that the downloadable Compass Apps can be very inaccurate. Use a regular compass for your Feng Shui analysis.

RAT= North (353-7 degrees) OX= North (353-7 degrees)

TIGER= E/NE (53-67 degrees) RABBIT=East (83-97 degrees)

DRAGON= East (83-97 degrees) SNAKE= S/SE ( 143-157 degrees)

HORSE=South (173-187 degrees) SHEEP=South (173-187 degrees)

MONKEY=W/SW (233-247 degrees) ROOSTER=West (263-277 degrees)

DOG=West (263-277 degrees) PIG=N/NW(323-337 degrees)

**It is not a typo that some of the Zodiac signs have the same Brilliant Star Direction, such as the Horse and the Sheep.

You may need to learn how to take a compass reading in order to apply many of the more precise and powerful remedies. Compass readings should be done with a high quality compass that shows you every single degree. You need to stand away from metal objects and make yourself and the compass perfectly parallel to the facing and sitting walls of a house or building. Once you have established the real compass orientation of the structure, you could align these directions over your to-scale floor plan. And if your compass does not waver when you are inside the property, you could stand in the very center and with your compass showing you, walk a straight line to your Brilliant Star direction to identify exactly where it is in your dwelling.

If you don’t know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is, feel free to contact Kartar Diamond via email for this information.

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