Fending Off Negative Emotions While Speed Reading Or Learning – What Buffy Taught Me About Life

Yesterday was one of the most difficult days I have experienced in decades. Buffy, my Pomeranian, recently developed Diabetes. It almost killed her. I would get up and watch her lying on the floor struggling to wake up and do anything. I realized she was very ill, and the doctor told us about her high blood sugar level. For the past 4 months, we have taken her to the vet to determine the proper level of insulin she needs to live. Throughout that time one thing was constant. Buffy was always happy. Smiling, playing, and eager to do even little things like going for a walk. Finally, it appears the proper level for her insulin has been determined. That very day things took a dark turn for the worst.

We took her for a walk. Her joyous barking was infectious. She couldn’t wait to go outside and do the things she has enjoyed for years. Her tail was wagging, and she moved along the sidewalk. Suddenly she walked face first into a brick mailbox. It soon became apparent she had gone blind from cataracts caused by her Diabetes almost overnight. I can’t begin to tell you how much it hurt to watch this little bundle of love completely bewildered about her surroundings. I almost immediately fell into a deep, dark depression.

One thing remains a constant. Buffy is still a source of joy. Smiling, happy, and completely in the dark. You might ask what has all of this to do with emotion and speed reading? Everything. Life throws us some pretty tough situations. Situations that can paralyze us with fear and depression. You have two choices when this happens. You can let your emotions run amok and take control over your life, or you can stay focused and do what needs to be done. I have done some research and found there medical procedures for curing cataracts in dogs that have a high success rate. Instead of staying depressed, I am going to take an action that can eliminate the problem.

When speed reading, learning, or trying to accomplish anything in life our emotions can sabotage our success or motivate us to do more. Buffy is the perfect example. Suffering with blindness, debilitated with Diabetes what is she doing? She is making the most of her life. Still spreading love and joy. Still doing what she can to the best of her ability. Next time you are trying to learn or speed read important information, and a major emotional set back occurs, remember Buffy. Remember that no matter what life throws at you, there are still choices you can make. You can choose to get the job done, or feel sorry for yourself. Which choice will you make?

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