Mage’s Guild Oblivion – Walk-Through

One of the major benefits of joining the Mage’s Guild is that you gain many new skills, particularly how to improve your skills of magic casting. To get into the Guild you don’t have to win any contest or achieve a specific quest, you simply have to go to the Chorrol Guild Hall and ask for the Mages Guild leader who is called Teekeeus. He will offer for you to join the Guild and all you have to do is accept and then you are in! It really is as simple as that.

Your Mage’s Guild Oblivion walk-through will be very handy as you work your way to the Tamriel city to specialize in branches of magic. The walk-through will list the characteristics of each brand of magic, alteration, conjuration, restoration, illusion, destruction and mysticism. It will also help you to work out who are the different Mage Masters and what they can do for you, so you know who to talk to and what to do at the right time to save you lots of time and frustration.

One tip that you will find in a good Mage’s Guild Oblivion walk-throgh is that you should always keep a staff or two on your person at all times. This is because as you know, magic depletes and when this happens during your time in the Guild, you can use the staff to finish off any enemy that may be left. How do you find these staffs? If you get a good walk through it will point you towards the market district and show you exactly how to get some usable Rindir’s Staffs.

There are many Mage’s Guild resources available on the internet that will show you how to get in and give you a few simple tips, but it is hard to find a comprehensive guide that will show you everything you need to know about joining and climbing the ranks of the guild. The best option is to get a good Elder Scrolls iv Oblivion Walk-through which also contains a good Mage’s Guild Oblivion Walk-through.

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