P90X Tips – What Muscle Groups Do They Target?

Many people have asked me about P90X and what muscle groups they target. It would be easier to ask me what muscle groups they don’t target. lol Each day in the P90X course is focused on building different muscle groups.

Here is a list of the targeted muscle groups. Chest and back, shoulders and arms, yoga x, plyometrics, legs and back, kenpo x, chest, shoulders and triceps, back and biceps, core synergistics, ab ripper x, cardio x and x stretch. This fitness program takes between 50-60 minutes each day and believe me this takes desire and dedication. It’s not for lazy people but the results can be amazing if you stick with the training.

There are a few additional things needed for p90x and they are resistance bands or dumbbells and a pull-up bar/place to perform pull-ups. For even better workout results supplements are also available. The supplements can give you that needed boost when it’s time to take it to the next level, while also making sure that the body is burning fat before lean muscle. The exercises used in p90x are strenuous but the program also shows you how you can modify your workouts if your body will not allow you to perform some of the exercises.

P90x is an all-in-one program and each day shows you a new style of exercise. One day you’ll find yourself doing weight lifting and the next you will find yourself punching and kicking to kenpo karate and even some yoga. This is great if you are the type of person who gets bored doing the same routine each day. By using so many different types of workouts your body doesn’t get accustomed to moves either and this is called muscle confusion so you are always slimming down and gaining muscle.

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