Staying Motivated for Fitness

Motivation seems to be the hardest thing to maintain when it comes to anything especially working out and dieting. I am going to give you some tips on how to stay motivated so you can reach your ultimate goal.

Goal that is the key word here, what is your goal behind your exercise and diet regimen. My goal for me is to be a pro strongman and the best trainer on the planet. I have a plan to reach those goals that I’ve drawn out and follow to a tee. I know that everyday I will either get closer to my goal or further away there is no such thing as staying the same. I need to eat, train, and read everyday in order to be the best for my goals. Without these goals what do I have, I would go to the gym everyday with no energy, motivation, or drive because I have nothing to shoot for. You have to set your goals before embarking on a new fitness lifestyle or else you will fail before you ever begin. Be sure to be extremely specific with your goals; don’t just say I want to lose weight say I want to lose 15lbs in 2 months. Set deadlines for your goals and make them public. This will ensure that you stay on course because all your friends and family know exactly what you are doing and they won’t let you slip.

Friends and family play a huge role in your success be sure to surround yourself with people that will help you achieve your goals and stay away from the people who will say “your losing to much weight, you look sick” or “your getting to muscular” or my favorite” Why do you eat that crap don’t you want to be happy” meanwhile they a sitting on the couch drinking soda and eating a big Mac from McDonald’s and are wondering why there clothes don’t fit anymore.

In order to stay motivated you have to have fun exercising and dieting you have to find ways to make eating fun, whether its trying out new healthy recipes or finding different seasonings to make your food taste better. It is imperative that you find a gym that you feel comfortable with and that you enjoy going to on an everyday basis. We pride ourselves on having the friendliest and best personal trainers in Port Saint Lucie. We also feel we create a lot of fun at all our fitness boot camps to you coming back for more. You have to find that place or else you will never reach your goals.

Find a partner who will do everything with you helps out a lot as well. If you have someone dieting, running and working out with you everyday then you will be able to hold each other accountable. Make a friendly wager between the two of you, like whoever loses the most weight in two months wins an all expense paid trip to the spa for a day. You have to think of ways to keep it interesting or your motivation will leave fast.

Its real simple you can either buy new clothes and keep growing or you can change you life and fit into your old clothes that haven’t fit in 10 years. The choice is yours.

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