The Lost Art of Walking Book Review

By the title of Geoff Nicholson’s book “The Lost Art of Walking” lead me to believe he would take me back to “Little House on the Prairie” when I remember Caroline walking to town with her basket of eggs under her arms to sell to Harriet and Niles. I think he did better than that. He took us way back in history where people would walk long distances for a price…earning their living by walking and gambling on each mile they would walk. 
I have to admit in the beginning I had a hard time staying with his book. However, when he wrote about popular songs that involved walking and reminds us of famous authors who were inspired by the art of walking in their lives I came alive. I will always look at the way actors walk and the way they walked away in the film because I have taken on a new eye of interpreting their walks.
He takes us through a perfect walk, alone and with walking groups, getting lost in a desert; walking the streets from New York City to London and falling in a hole in the sidewalk to cause an injury he endured.  I think my favorite part of the book was when Nicholson praised the photographers who made their living by taking pictures of people walking. 
I believe he stayed true to the title of his book. In the beginning, people walked because it was one of their modes of transportation. In present day, people walk because it is a form of exercise; their doctor tells them to walk or they enjoy being outside and being a part of nature. 
From the beginning of history to present day living, people have chosen to walk. Nicholson point out that walking is an art and we need to develop it into our lives and enjoy walking once again.

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