Walk With God Daily

Why should you walk with God daily? Well that’s a pretty interesting question. It involves a few different things. Number one what God are we talking about? Number two how do you walk with a God at all. This article is about taking a walk with the Christian God daily, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. How do we walk with God daily? We simply read his Word in the Bible, pray, and most of all listen to what he has to say. I’ll explain the listening part a little later on.

Now if you aren’t Christian this article isn’t intended to convert you to Christianity, there are articles to do that already as well as, hopefully, people you know. This article is to convince current Christians that their lives can be enriched with a daily walk with God.

Why You Should Walk With God Daily:

When you decide to read, pray, and listen to God on a daily basis you have a chance to really confront what you are feeling and what you are worried about. Every time that I’ve opened my Bible to a random passage I’ve found that it applies somehow to my life. Praying, in my experience, ends up being an outpouring of everything you truly desire, think, regret, everything that you may hide from yourself during the day. Times like these are rare in an average person’s life but you can have them on a daily basis just by walking with God during a quiet time of your choosing.

How to Walk With God Daily:

I believe everyone should have their own relationship with God so I am going to give you my way of honoring him on a daily basis. I like to have a small bible study every morning while I eat breakfast, I live alone right now so its generally by myself. First I’ll have a few minutes of prayer where I thank God for the day and food, ask him for anything that I want or feel that I need, then just sit and listen. A lot of times while I’m listening thoughts will come up in my head of what I need to focus on during the day or in my life in general. Then I’ll pick a topic that I want to know more about or just open the Bible and start reading. When I come to a nice stopping point I’ll reflect on what I’ve read and then close in prayer. This is just how I walk with God daily, I expect that everyone who currently does this has a routine that they enjoy. Start out small say 10 minutes in the morning to devote solely to God then expand it as you grow in your faith. My routine is up to around 30 minutes a morning and I have never had a better more personal relationship with Jesus.

Listening During Our Walk With God:

I believe that listening is a form of praying that has long been forgotten by the average Christian. Everything is about I want this and help me with that. I challenge you to simply sit in his presence and listen. I do this for as long as I can in the mornings during my daily walk with God and I found that I learn all sorts of things that maybe are from me and maybe are from God. The people that I have thought of during these quiet times have almost always been in need of an encouraging word or a prayer. Simply listening during your walk with God can make your relationship with him so much more fulfilling.

There you go a small lesson on how to walk with God daily, both why to do it and how to do it. I hope it helps someone out there to start there on walk with God.

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