Basics for Beginning Bowlers

When you are first learning how to bowl there are a few things you need to know to help get your bowling career rolling. Which are the rules, etiquette, and basic technique. Learning these key areas of bowling will help you seamlessly fit into a league of your choosing.

The rules are first and foremost, and although there are a vast amount of rules in the USBC (United States Bowling Congress) handbook we are only going to discuss a few of the less complicated ones. First is when you roll the ball down the lane and the ball bounces out and still hits pins, none of those pins count because the ball hen in the gutter first. Next is when your foot crosses the foul line at the end of the approach, this is not a foul and no pins hit on that throw will count. Lastly for a 300 or any other award bearing score to count you must roll them during sanctioned league or tournament play and after you throw an award bearing score your ball must be inspected to insure the ball is legal and did not give you an unfair advantage.

Now we will discuss proper bowler etiquette, the first and most important rule in bowling etiquette is to not stand on the approach while a person is about to throw on the lanes next to you. You never start your approach at the same time as the other players on either side of you. Always be courteous and allow the other bowler to exit the approach before you begin your shot. This is the most over looked and abused bowler etiquette. The next form of etiquette that is abused is in the pits where the bowlers sit. In many cases people will be far too loud and even try to intentionally distract the bowlers on the lane. This is terrible etiquette and highly frowned upon.

Finally we will discuss the basic technique for begging bowlers that will get you started in the right direction. This technic is the four step approach, it is the most commonly used in bowling, The approach is as the name states a four step approach in which the bowler will set their feet in a location on the approach that is a comfortable four steps away from the foul line. That being said do not get so close that when you finish your fourth step you foul. Now we will begin the approach, when you set your feet position them next to one another and slightly apart. When you grab the bowling ball put your fingers in first then your thumb. This will allow for the same grip every time. When you position the ball, tuck your elbow into your side and push the ball outside of your foot. When you begin your approach push both the ball and your starting foot out at the same time. This will help your timing be more in sync. As your steps progress towards the lane say to yourself straight back and straight forward. This is something I was taught to keep my arm straight. As you walk to the line slide slightly and release the ball removing your thumb then your fingers. As this is happening raise your throwing arm the sky and follow through. Hopefully you will have thrown a good straight ball and hit the pocket.

These rules and techniques are just the tip of the ice burg when you are learning to bowl, but hopefully they will help your get started with your bowling career. The last piece of advice I can tell you if your trying to get serious about bowling is to practice as often as possible and most of all have fun.

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