Biceps Exercises Without Weights

Knowing how to do biceps exercises without weights is a must for me especially when I am somewhere were there isn’t any workout equipment like on holiday, or if I am visiting my parents who live over 100 miles away and don’t have a local gym to go to.

Without this knowledge of working out without weights or equipment I would go mad if I had to lay of the exercises completely for two weeks or more.

There are obviously other body parts that can be trained without weights or equipment but for now I am going to tell you about the biceps.

The only piece of equipment I use for my biceps which is invaluable to me is my chin-up bar it is cheap easy to put into a suit case or store in your bedroom, and all you need to set it up is a door frame.

There are a couple of chin-up bars on the Market the one I use fits in-between the door opening, you can get one that hooks over the architrave witch allows you to do some real wide grip exercises.

This article is part 1 of 2.

The first biceps exercise I am going to tell you about isn’t with the chin-up bar but using the resistance of one arm to add resistance to the other.

This biceps exercise will hit the outer head of the biceps and the peak of the biceps.

This exercise is a concentration curl, sit on a chair and put your elbow onto the inside of your thigh, using the other hand place it on the wrist of the arm that is on the thigh.

Curl the arm up adding just enough resistance to get the blood flowing into the biceps, make sure you are resisting on the way up and on the way down.

What you will find with this biceps exercise it will workout the triceps of the arm that is adding the resistance.

Do 5-6 sets with a rep rang of 12 the beauty of this is you can add as much or as little resistance as you want so when your biceps are fatiguing you can ease of the resistance to get the last reps out kind of like someone helping you to do the last lot of reps.

Using the same technique as described above this biceps exercise will be done as a hammer curl with the elbow on the inside of the thigh but instead of holding the wrist just below the palm of the hand hold the wrist just below the back of the thumb.

Incorporating this into the biceps workout will hit the outer head of the biceps and the back of the forearm.

Standing reverse biceps curl holding the back of your wrist or hand this biceps exercise will hit the outer head of the biceps and the forearm.

Using this resistance method can be done for any biceps exercise, such as standing biceps curl this will hit the overall biceps, or even seated preacher curl this will hit the peak of the biceps, by sitting on a chair putting a pillow under your elbow and using the chair like a preacher station, to add resistance to the biceps you can hold the wrist or put both of your hands together.

In all these biceps exercises remember to stretch the biceps in-between the exercises and squeeze the muscle at the top of every movement.

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