Fitness Boot Camps

Fitness boot camps are fast becoming the latest craze in the health-conscious modern world. More and more people prefer fitness boot camps to exercising in the gyms or at home and this is converting fitness boot camps into a money-raking business.

Fitness boot camps provide a power-packed workout in the span of an hour. It is this economical usage of time that drives people to fitness boot camps. These boot camps may meet several times a week, for an hour’s duration each.

Classes begin with a simple warm-up exercise like squatting or sit-ups or walking on the treadmill. Usually people perform these exercises in groups and then alternate their exercises. This helps to break the monotony. As the class progresses, the exercises become more and more difficult. There is just no letting go till the class is complete.

Many people who join such fitness boot camps find it very taxing at first. But when they realize the benefits, they change their minds. Some just aren’t physically able to keep up, so health experts recommend potential clients get a checkup before joining a fitness boot camp.

Fitness boot camps are not for the faint of heart. The instructor is often harsh, yelling at his people and reprimanding them in no uncertain terms for failing to maintain standards. There are punishments for being late, which could be more exercise. At the end of the day, the instructor’s mission is to give people the maximum workout possible.

Mostly, retired army or navy personnel run fitness boot camps. They may have their own camp or they may utilize open-air places like parks or beaches. Being surrounded by nature gives more value to the exercise. There are fitness boot camps designed specially for women, older people and children. They are also a bit costlier than gyms. A 20-hour class would cost roughly from $200 to $250, prices being subjective of the location and the reputation of the class. There is also variation in the time for which the classes are conducted and the number of days.

The majority of people who have joined fitness boot camps are quite satisfied with the end product, though they may have problems earlier due to the harsh methods employed. They believe that in these times of hectic schedules a fitness boot camp may be the only answer to getting a high-value workout.

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