Tai Chi Classes for Low Impact Exercise

There are many forms of the ancient Chinese healing exercise. A fairly new form that has become popular is Tai Chi for Health, developed by Dr. Paul Lam. This low impact style is helping people all over the world:

– Relieves pain and improves quality of life for people with arthritis
– Relieves stress and improves concentration
– Integrates body and mind
– Enjoyable and fun, makes you feel better about yourself
– Includes Gi Gong exercise principals for mind body fitness
– Great for improving balance.
– Suitable for almost anyone.

Unlike other forms, Tai Chi for health can be learned and implemented very quickly and people can start getting the profound benefits right away.

Most forms of exercise lower a persons energy and can make you tired and at the same time can often hype up your system.  This exercise form builds up your energy and then when you finish it leaves you refreshed and relaxed.. The gentle slower pace of this form, combined with deep breathing and focused attention, promotes balance, more flexibility and creates a sense of calmness. Your stress levels are lowered and you gain well being with a mind and body balance. Now accepted by the U.S. National Institute of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine as a credible and important method of Alternative Health Care.

Tai Chi is the most popular exercise form on the planet, it is being practiced by more people than any other exercise form?  Why?  It’s because millions of people  do Tai Chi for their health and well being. All over the world people are enjoying a more active life, their level of good health increases exponentially.  This exercise is not just a Chinese phenomena anymore, it has spread world wide and continues to grow.

Originally started as a martial art, today most instructors teach for its profound and effective health, healing and fitness benefits.

Tai Chi for Health is now generally accepted by the mainstream medical world as an effective natural medicine and natural therapy. Today this exercise isi being practiced all over the U.S. It’s a great low impact exercise for even people in wheel chairs.

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