Flirty Girl Fitness Workout DVD – For Women Who Like to Flirt and Dance!

The Flirty Girl Fitness Workout DVD is being shipped like crazy out to women all across the US. Many are saying that you get way more than expected in your package when it comes. In other words, Flirty Girl Fitness is in the business of over delivering.

Here is a brief look at what you will encounter when you open your box for the first time…

  • Booty Beat – this is the first DVD in the collection. It is the one that teaches you all of those super sexy dance moves that you see in the modern day music videos. Once you learn the moves (there is a small learning curve) you are ready to put those moves to the music and engage in a killer workout that will melt the fat from your body and tone that muscle. You will have so much fun with this DVD because what would normally be considered a hard aerobic workout, is actually a series of flirtatious and sexy dance moves. You won’t even realize how much of a workout you are getting! In other words, those stomach crunches become sensual and sexy, not painful.
  • Just Teasing – This DVD is where the pink feather boa comes into play. You will learn how to toss your hair and gyrate your hips, all while learning the Flirty Girl way to fitness.
  • Chair Fit – This DVD uses a chair as part of the workout routine instead of a bench like you would use at the health club. It will help you work off those pounds and inches by using your body’s own natural resistance to tone your muscle. You will also learn to use hand weights for maximum effect in this DVD.
  • Chair Dancing – This is one of the best DVD’s! That same chair you used before will now be used as part of a killer dance routine for ultimate aerobic exercise! These dance moves are great fun and will sculpt your body, while teaching you to be quite flirtatious with that special someone in your life.
  • Beginner Pole Dancing – Welcome to your strength training DVD. You don’t need to have had any prior experience as a stripper to do this either. (Just playin’!) This is all about making transitions in a smooth and sexy way all while strengthening your body. Believe me…this DVD will have you using muscles you never knew you had!
  • Intermediate Pole – Obviously this is the next stage of the system and builds on the first stage, or Beginners Pole Dancing. By the time you have this Flirty Girl Fitness Workout DVD down you will have put together an entire pole routine which you can use to entertain that special guy in your life anytime you wish.
  • Pole Fit – this is the final DVD in the Pole series and it will put everything together for you in one single workout. I can’t really tell you much about this as I am not really there yet.

As you can probably see, you are going to do much more than lose weight, melt fat and tone muscle with the Flirty Girl Fitness Workout DVD. You are also going to learn how to do it in a flirtatious and sexy manner! That is the fun part of it all. I also don’t want to forget to mention what is probably the BEST part of the Flirty Girl Fitness Workout DVDs, and that is that you can approach them at your own speed and according to your own schedule. Plus it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

While in your own home you will have the privacy and license to become as flirty and sexy as you want to be!

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