Motorcycle Tips – Shifting Gears

Motorcycle is a convenient form of transport that allows you to cut through traffic jams and reach your destination quicker. It is easy to operate this vehicle once you’ve mastered the skills of manual transmission, although this is quite different from the manual transmission found in cars. It takes time to understand the gears and coordination involved but practice a lot and you will be an expert in no time. These are some motorcycle tips shifting gears to help you enjoy better riding experience.

It is good to remember that modern motorcycle relies on front brake to halt the vehicle. When progressing at very high speed, it helps to gradually step on the front brake first until you have gently eased off the pressure. Beware of how you brake. The harder the brake is, the greater the transfer of weight to the front. This poses danger when you brake suddenly. Some clues to bear in mind: (1) downshift not more than one gear at a time, (2) release clutch slowly when shifting from first gear to neutral (this prevent stall and jerks), and (3) pay attention to your rev limiter. If you don’t shift up upon reaching the limit, this may cause substantial problems to your engine.

To operate a motorcycle, these are the steps. Use your left foot to shift down to first (when the clutch is disengaged). Proceed with an appropriate speed when you are in the first gear. Pull in the clutch and release the accelerator at the same time. Holding in the clutch, pull up the shifter. You will hear a gentle click. A firm pull will put you in the second gear. Release the clutch again and step on the accelerator. Seek to maintain balance and smooth gear transmission. Downshift can be accomplished by pulling in the clutch and pressing down on the lever. The gearbox will then be reduced a gear.

These are some motorcycle tips shifting gears to give you an overall picture of how to operate this vehicle. Make sure that you do practice to enhance your operating skills and also try to understand the functions of your motorcycle.

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