How to Be an Alpha Male – Be James Bond That Naturally Attracts

Pick up lines, pick up lines and more pick up lines. Have you ever wondered no matter how much you know more about pick up lines, you still aren’t successful with women? Well, this is because pick up lines is the tip of the iceberg of the dating game. And if you are an alpha male, you won’t even think of using any kind of pick up lines. When it comes to attraction, simply words only accounts for only 7{a3acb2be643effc4b7b4b3705df5cb2eae026059a1d075d54be8af4d92e7e619}. Therefore, pick up lines can only get you so far. The rest of the attraction comes from both your body language and tone of voice. And today, I am going to teach you the body language of an alpha male who naturally attracts women without much use of any pick up lines.

In order to attain the body language of an alpha male, you first need to have the right posture. If you have been to the military, you probably have the right posture already. Basically, your back should be straight and not slouching. Your back should be straightened when you are standing. Also, your feet should be at should width apart. The weight of your body should also be spread equally between your 2 legs.

Pull back your shoulders and stick your chest out. By doing that, your chest should be pointed up to the sky. Do not exaggerate or you will look uncomfortable. If you need visual help, see some pictures of soldiers standing in attention. Your thumb needs to touch your fore finger and hold your chin up. This is to ensure that your muscles are aligned.

Your facial expression plays a part too in alpha male body language so you need to get your facial expression right too. I believe many of you have watched James Bond movie and you will hardly see him smile. Hence, you should not smile too much either. When there is a funny event or you make a good joke, just put on a grin or sly smile. Also, I highly recommend that you watch James Bond movie for more tips on body language.

I know it is not easy correcting your posture right way but it really worth the effort. Make a 90 day commitment to stick to your new posture and you can see great results right away. Always be conscious of your body language and how you are standing. Be in constant awareness of your body language and correct it when necessary and trust me women will notice.

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