What Are Your Excuses for Not Using Bodyweight Exercises for Strength?

No excuses for not doing bodyweight exercises to build strength with these top five reasons.

-Everyone can do bodyweight exercises to build strength.

Those beginning to exercise and those who are experienced will find that bodyweight exercises for strength are easy to do, can meet any fitness level and eliminate many excuses not to exercise.

Many excuses for not exercising include a fear of being able to do it correctly, no energy or no time to do exercise. However, bodyweight exercises eliminate all of these fears and excuses. They can be simple to do. Even just completing a few sit ups, push ups, and stair steps can get you started. Routines need only take ten minutes and after just those few minutes you find that you now have more energy than when you started.

Do you work a lot, travel or work long hours? These exercises for strength are designed so that they can be done anywhere, anytime and need no special equipment, place or time to do them.

– They are convenient and inexpensive.

Everyone loves convenience and saving money. With bodyweight exercises there is no need to purchase an expensive gym membership, pack a bag, drive to the gym, or waste valuable time waiting to use equipment or get assistance from trainers or spotters. There is no need to worry about what you are wearing.

These exercises can be done in privacy of your home, in your bedroom, office, living room (even with the children) or garage, patio or even in the swimming pool you don’t need any equipment, unless you choose to add weights or other items for increased leverage or resistance. There is no need for a trainer, you already know many of these exercises and if you don’t you can rent or purchase a DVD to help you learn them for a fraction of the cost of a trainer.

– They offer a more options and variety than other routines.

You don’t have to be bored with bodyweight exercises for strength. The push up alone as over 100 variations, and many of the exercises used in bodyweight exercise routines use familiar exercises in a new way. Variety can be achieved by trying a new position, adding weights or by doing something as simple as changing the placement of parts of your body while doing lifts or sit ups. Avoiding boredom leads to more interest in your exercise and more enjoyment, and you will be more inclined to stick to your exercise routine.

– They are safer and cause fewer injuries than other forms of exercise.

Improper technique while lifting weights or the addition of too much weight can cause injuries while exercising. You may strain or injure tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints. The form and technique of bodyweight exercises actually strengthens your tendons and ligaments, building overall body strength not just muscle.

– They can benefit your whole life by:

-Providing an attractive and fit body.

-Increasing overall stamina, flexibility, and endurance.

-Providing important cardio vascular benefits such as increasing circulation, lowering cholesterol, and making the heart strong and healthy.

-Giving you more energy.

-Resulting in more time to do the other things you want to do.

-Adding to your enjoyment of life in all areas including sex, family, work and fun.

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