Muscle Building Techniques – A Super-Hero Inspired Body Building Routine

Give your muscle building workout some twist and let these superhero-inspired routines take you to enjoyable sessions. Here are muscle building techniques to shun boring exercises away and welcome a hero training in sculpting the body.

You may not have the extra strong faculty to fly, hurdle, jump and leap skyscraping buildings, but you will certainly look and feel as if you can with these muscle building techniques and routines. Now, to the gym!

1. Superman Back Extension – From the name itself, you can easily discern how this type of exercise is employed. But for the benefit of those wondering how this muscle building workout is executed, you simply have to lie facedown at a back-extension position with both feet secured and anchored. The lower hips are supported with a leaning and inclined platform to keep you from falling face down. Next, grab a pair of dumbbells keeping the abs and the midsection tight for optimal outcome as you raise both arms until the body comes to a straight line position making you look like superman flying. Hold to the position for few seconds and finally, lower yourself down. This will help you achieve a well trained and defined core, works the lower back and other targeted muscles. Do 10 reps with this type of superman-enthused routine.

2. Spiderman Pull up – This type of muscle building routine is stirred by the superhero, Spiderman. All you have to do is grab a pull up bar with a handle grip. Raise your arms at a distance a bit apart from the shoulder width. Pull up with the use of your right hand with the right leg and knee bent concurrently. This workout routine gives a perfect picture of Spiderman climbing a wall – but this time one knee is lifted towards the bar. Once done and your chin reaches the top of the bar, you can repeat the same procedure with your left hand and knee in motion. This kind of body building routine helps strengthens the torso, arms and legs.

3. Thor’s Hammer – This is considered as an excellent complete workout in building muscles specifically the biceps. This is done in a standing position with a barbell and your palm facing up. Start the routine by curling the weight up the shoulder and lifting the bar overhead. Next, you need to rotate your palm from a face up position to face forward as you try to push the weights as high as you can reach. It is important to note, that in a routine like this, twisting the wrists plays a major role in shaping and sculpting the forearms and the biceps all at the same time. Once done, you can switch arms and repeat the routine for a maximum of 10 reps on each side.

4. Hulk Super Leap – This position does not need any kinds of equipment. All you do is stand on a mat with the hips and knees bent in a halfway squat position and both hands arch on the side. Swing both hands overhead as you blow up upwardly. Upon the blast, immediately go back and land to your original half squat position.

These are some of the muscle building techniques one can perform in making your seemingly ordinary workout an extra-ordinary and hero-like body building training.

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