How to Win Your Ex Back With Killer Looks – Four Tips

Breakups happen all the time. While some breakups are caused by some serious problem or another, some breakups actually happen because of some silly reason that could have been easily prevented. In some cases, couples end their relationship because one cannot tolerate how the other looks, dresses or carries him- or herself.

If appearances are the only reason why you and your ex broke up, then you should know that it is a problem that is easily remedied. You can change your feathers without changing the kind of person you are and still win back your ex. Here are five tips to help you out.

1. Dress well. Maybe you irritated your ex by dressing sloppily or not paying attention to your clothes while you were still together. You can easily remedy that by learning how to make your clothes suit you and make you look good. Wear outfits that draw attention to your best features and at the same time hide your flaws. Avoid wearing anything that looks crass or tacky. Who knows, a makeover may win you your ex back.

2. Flirt a little. You can drop your ex a few hints that you are still interested, but try to play hard to get. Flirting can do the trick. Some prolonged eye contact, a small wink, a seductive smile or a coy email may get your ex’s attention and start them wondering about you again. Try not to go overboard with your flirting, though. Keep things simple, subtle and fun.

3. Strut. Strutting around gets you noticed, not just by your ex but also by other people. Try to improve your posture and walk with your head and chin up. If you are a woman, sway your hips a little. If you are a guy, square your shoulders, puff your chest out, and tuck your stomach in. A good posture and a nice walk will show your ex that you are confident in yourself and you are not broken by your breakup.

4. Let them miss you. As an old adage goes, absence makes the heart fonder. While you are doing your makeover and improving your strut, try not to show your face to your ex. So, the next time you see your ex, they will be blown away with how great you look. It will make them somehow regret that they have broken up with you.

It is all too easy to let go and stop taking care of yourself just because your relationship ended. It is not the end of the world and your life has to go on. Taking care of yourself and becoming a better person may help you get your ex back. It will take some work to get it done, but the more important thing that you will get out of this is that you will become happy with yourself.

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