Swimming Pool Safety

During the pool season, swimming safety should be on everyone’s mind. Summertime is the best time of the year, in my opinion. Unfortunately, for some 300 families per year, summer is the worst time. Additionally, more than 2000 children per year are hospitalized due to submersion injuries.  I’ve read too many articles that are about children drowning and most if not all can be easily prevented. The list below will give you a good run-down of what you need for proper swimming safety guidelines.

1.  Always have adult supervision when children are swimming. Child water safety is always first.

2.  Install a swimming pool safety fence or barrier completely around your pool

3.  The gates should be self-closing and self-latching, especially on a child safety fence

4.  Alarms on the doors of these safety pool fences leading to the pool and the pool gate are recommended

5.  Instruct any babysitter on the dangers of leaving a child unattended. Install a swimming pool safety cover or a swimming pool safety net and use it

6.  During a large party, always have an adult as the “watcher”. Never assume someone is watching while children are in or near a pool.

7.  Just because your child may know how to swim, never assume he is “drown proof”

8.  Pregnant women should consult their physician before using a Hot Tub or Sauna

9.  Stay only up to 15 minutes in a Hot Tub or spa

10.  Children under 6 should not use the Hot Tub or spa

11.  Stay out of a pool or Hot Tub if you have a communicable disease or water-borne illness

12.  Have proper life saving devices, i.e. shepherds hook, life vests, and other rescue and life saving equipment near the pool

13.  Learn CPR/First Aid and make sure any babysitter or caregiver has CPR/First Aid training

14.  Pick up all toys in or around the pool when it’s not in use. Toys are too much of a temptation for children.

15.  Always keep the pool gates closed. Never leave the gate open or prop it open for any reason.

16.  Instruct children to stay clear of the bottom drain. If a child is entrapped by the drain, turn the pool pump motor off immediately

17.  And last, always have adult supervision when children are swimming.

These are good guidelines and will point you in the right direction on keeping your pool safe. Contact a local fence contractor that can help with your child safety pool fence or any swimming pool safety fences. If you have any safety pool covers or a swimming pool safety net, use it during the Winter months.

Make safety a part of your swimming pool and have a great and SAFE swimming season.

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