Spectacular Content Marketing Tips – Persuasive Copy Content

Writing copy or content, is writing to persuade your clients to buy your services or products pictured on your website. It is not enough to place an item on your homepage with a “buy” button next to it. The purpose of the copy is to turn your readers into people willing to buy your wares. So before you sell the product or service, you have to sell them on why they should buy from you.

Search Engine Optimization Copy

SEO content is copy that is optimized with keywords which allow search engines to drive people to your website. The best keywords are the same ones used by people to search for products and services such as yours. Placing these words and phrases throughout your content will draw the search engines and propel the people to your site. However, sometimes what the people search for and what the search engine understands and returns, are two different things. The successful sites have figured out how to synchronize the search and the search engine, and make them land on their website more often than not.

Learning Through Trial and Error

Trial and error is the best teacher for learning how to walk the line between searching and selling with your writing. Visitors to your site want to think they’ve made the decision to buy all on their own, rather than to feel like they’ve been coerced into buying. Gaining this skill can take years to master. Some people give up and hire a professional copy writer. Investing in a content writer is a one-time investment that will pay dividends into the future.

Fresh Content Sells

It is a proven fact that sites which continuously freshen their content on a regular basis grow steadily in customer returns and search results status. By constantly renewing your content you attract people who want to link back to your site. Legitimate reference links are one of the factors required to boost page rank.

Ways to Get Content Quick

Rather than sit at the computer all day struggling to pound out copy content, here are some ideas for getting it quick.

  • Public Domain Copy – This is copy not protected by copyright. This means it can be copied, revised, edited, reprinted, distributed or sold.
  • Famous Quotations – Create short pages that will suck in thousands of people every day. Visitors are likely to bookmark the site and return.
  • Definitions – Of current buzz words or weird words that have made it into the public lexicon can create short pages with heavy drawing power.
  • Hosting Directory Pages – Are a favorite of the search engines. Make sure your content is all around the directory to capture the eyes of your visitors.
  • Other People’s Content – There are literally millions of writers begging for websites to post their articles. They can be found in online article directories. Just make sure to credit the writer if you use the work.

Using other people’s content allows you to build big websites quickly. However, it is important to not get so big that you lose control. A little common sense, trial and error and patience will turn your website into a search engine success.

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