Swimming – The Benefits

Like many people, I learned how to swim during primary school. Other then the initial fear and the odd ‘near drowning’ experience, I’ve always enjoyed swimming. My mother even took me to swimming lessons outside school hours, although I never wanted to compete in the sport. But also like many people, swimming wasn’t something that I kept up and carried in to later life. But why was this when swimming has so many benefits?

Well for me personally, getting older spelt a change for me and my friends. As we got into new thing, old hobbies started to fade out, swimming being one of them. By the time we were thirteen swimming pools were charging us adult swimming prices. Not having much money at the time we gradually stopped going.

Recently however, a friend suggested we go swimming again as another way of keeping fit and I agreed. Now I’m already quite a fit guy, playing football at least two times a week and regular running, but doing laps in the pool seriously did tire me out! When you are younger you don’t realize how many muscles your body uses when you swim, but I can honestly say it’s a full body work out! I could feel muscles from my arms, legs and torso all being worked, as well my heart of course. My conclusion was swimming regularly could dramatically help your all round strength and fitness, even if you are already doing another sport.

As well as the health and fitness aspect, swimming is also a life saving skill. If you even plan on traveling (Or even if you don’t) I’d suggest you learn to swimming, as you never know when you’re going to need it. Now not everyone ends up stranded in the sea after a plane crash or has to rescue a loved one from a river, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind knowing you could if needed to?

I for one will be keeping up swimming regularly now, the benefits of swimming are simply too much to be ignored.

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