Weight Lifting – Increase Your Body Mass

Many people start weight lifting programs but quit because they do not see immediate results or improvement. It takes nearly six weeks before your muscles actually start to increase in size. From approximately week one through week six in a structured weight lifting program using the overload principle, there is muscle strength gain even though there is not an increase because it needs a process in your muscles called motor recruitment. Muscle motor recruitment is actually your body’s way of utilizing make muscles of your more efficient. The same muscle becomes stronger and steady because more muscles are contracting at the same time.

It is of topmost important to follow all safety rules and regulation. There should be a spotter for all kind of bench presses and leg presses. The spotter needs to be concentrated on the activity and not on any other distractions in the weight room. Weight belts must be used in any lifts where the back might suffer injury problem such as lifting off the floor or where the lifter might “cheat” by using the back such as standing arm curls. The belt needs to fit enough to cover the lower torso. All ring weights must be clamped on the both side, so that they won’t slide off in the case of one side being dropped. It is important to use commonsense and rapt concentration in the weight room. Initially don’t put so much weight on a bar or a machine so that you might injure yourself.

Weight lifting needs to be slow and smooth (except from the fact that where explosive strength is the objective). All ranges of body direction of the joint where the muscle works need to be covered in the lift. This will enlarge the strength of the muscle when it is at an angle that was not covered in the lifting. It is fundamental important to breathe when lifting and not hold your breath. Breathe out during the power phase when you are using your force and make breath in during the relaxation phase. Control your breath and puts internal pressure in your body and is not good for you during weight lifting.

There are two different reasons why people lift the weight: either for enhance the endurance or for strength. It depends on what muscle you want to improve will determine your weight-training program. For increased muscular strength, there will be less resistance and the lifter should do more repetitions per set up. If muscle mass is the target, more resistance is necessary and there will be fewer repetitions per set.

With the advancement of the civilization human beings become idle and as a result of the fact, it affects their body and mental structure. Without the proper and adequate physical work man becomes lazy, bulky which are grossly injurious to their health because bulky body is a safe shelter for different kind of disease like as hypertension, diabetic problem etc. So present trend is lose your wait and keep yourself fit enough to fight against all obstacle and odds in our daily life. One proverb goes on, which is that “survival of the fittest” and to keep ourselves fit one have to lose his or her weight. There is different process to lose your weight. We will discuss with the different process of losing weight.

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